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Founded as Glycomaterials, Inc., December 27, 2000
Capital of ¥3, 000,000.
Increased the Capital to ¥11,000,000., Feb 9, 2001
Authorized under Japan’s Small and Medium Enterprise Policie
  in May 8, 2001.
The registered address of the head office moved from Osaka to Nara.

Business Contents
Application of bio-polymers and natural small compounds to foods, feeds, agriculture, etc.
Application of antibodies with and without engineered to feeds and cosmetics.
Application of thermite processe
Chemical Reaction Heat Material and its application development then production
Consulting job for technical and related overseas business from Electronics/System to Health/Bio-Chemical 
Conduct overseas business to SME (Small Medium Enterprises) such as sales promotion, M&A, open overseas branch, etc.

Introduction to R&D Products and Trading Items
1)β-Glucan from Aureobasidium  pullulanse:
History of technology: Glycomaterials’s R&D has succeeded in establishing a mutant yeast, Aureobasidium pullulanse sp., capable of producing a low-molecular-weight B-glucan. This B-glucan is advantageous in (1) high yield production and (2)easily and highly purification.
Business: Licensed production and distribution of the B-glucan to J P Renew Distributors, LLC. oustside Japan in 2011. In Japan pure the  B-glucan is commercially produced and distributed by DAISO, Co. Ltd.
Current R&D: At Osaka City University a research is underway for (1) novel applications to animals, and (2) the method of further-low-cost production.
    β-glucan is well-known  as an immune potentiator or modifier with various health benefits such as 
The microorganism, Aureobasidium  pullulanse 1A1, which synthesizes lower glucan than those by other known strains. 
R&D for large-scale production and in vivo/in vitro studies have finished the first phase.
Collaboration with JP Renew Distributors, LLC (U.S.A.) has started in 2010 for human trials.
Application of the β-glucan in livestock fields: One of our stuffs
is studying at Osaka City University.
Single chain antibody (sFv) to collagen: A sFv has been cloned and expressed, and its application in cosmetics is expected with a partner 
under recruiting.

2)Polyphenol [Product Name:SEANOL]:
Origin of Polyphenol: SEANOL is the trade mark for a polyphenol complex, which is the world's most bioactive polyphenol complex, produced by Livechem Inc. SEANOL is a highly purified polyphenol, phlorotannins, extracted from marine algae, Ecklonia cava. The SEANOL extraction process produces a 95% pure polyphenol compound that has powerful health-promoting properties. Click here to learn more.
Business on SEANOL: Glycomaterials agreed with JP Renew Distributors in expanding SEANOL markets collaboratively in Japan. The products are the bulk SEANOL and ,dietary supplements containing SEANOL.
Uses of SEANOL in foods are new field where SEANOL will be distributed worldwide. Glycomaterial’s food technologies succeeded in development of health intended liquor, beer, candy, chocolate, etc. containing SEANOL without losing flavor and taste. This studies are carried out in collaboration with Osaka City University.
Bulk SEANOL is provided by Livechem Inc.,through JP Renew (U.S.A.) Distributors LLC., who has an exclusive right for distribution of SEANOL in Japan.

3)Heat Block :
No CO/CO2 outgas !
“One-off heater”: Thermite chemical react material which is easily igniting with throwaway lighter or a match.

4)Cooktop :
Using above heat block as ignitor for charcoal !
Products name is “Raku-Raku Chakka-Tan”: 
“Table-top heater”: Combined with charcoal particles for in-house and out-door cooking. This is already on the market as 

・ βー1,3 Glucan Manufacturing and Sales
  Have partnership with JP Renew Distributor (U.S.A.) for Sales/M’ktg 
・ We want partner for R&D of Functional cosmetic using scFv-immobilized polystyrene
・ Preventive in vivo test of Hepatitis using Sea weed polyphenol (SEANOL)
・ Quick Start Charcoal for Charcoal Oven and Charcoal Quick Starter

・Head Office & R&D:
  Post code : 671-1661 
    Address : 813 Fukurojiri Ibogawa-cho Tatsuno-shi Hyogo-ken
    Tel : 0791-72-6775     Fax:0791-72-3925            
・Partner R&D Office:
  Osaka City University Science R&D Laboratory (大阪市立大学理学部酵素化学研究室および生活科学部栄養機能研究室)
  ・β Glucan reserch
    ・Polyphenol from seaweed (SEANOL) 
  =Same as Head Office=
    ・Charcoal Quick Starter and Charcoal with Quick Starter
・Other partnership with several companies
・Mail Contact:info@glycomaterials.com